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   Holiday House firmly believes there is a difference between having a disability and being handicapped; individuals with disabilities should be a part of the world, not apart from it; differences in people should be recognized as a matter of uniqueness, not a matter of value or status in society; and people should have the opportunity to make informed choices relative to their individualized pursuit of happiness.



   Holiday House is a forerunner and visionary enterprise that recognizes humans of diverse capabilities and backgrounds share more commonalties than differences; that disabilities are inevitable but situational handicapping circumstances can be eliminated; and that each of us has the privilege and responsibility of providing opportunities for others to experience self-realization, human-relationships and civic-responsibility in pursuit of becoming happy, fulfilled, respected, contributing members of society.


  Central to the Value System of Holiday House is proactive listening, thinking, acting and responding to individuals and other stakeholders in a way that brings out the best in others, builds upon shared vision and is consistent with Holiday House's Philosophy and Mission.Picture of Holiday House Corporate Values

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