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     Picture of I-43 Rest Area near Green Bay, WI.        Picture of Manitowoc County Materials Recycling Facility                                 

                       Rest Area 51, Denmark, WI                                Manitowoc County Materials Recycling Facility, Manitowoc, WI


         Picture of Memorial Drive Wayside between Manitowoc and Two Rivers, WI.                               Picture of Millhome Wayside near Keil, WI.

              Memorial Drive Wayside, Manitowoc, WI                                                     Millhome Wayside, Keil, WI

   Holiday House has partnered with State and County agencies in order to provide a variety of work opportunities for program participants.
   The Manitowoc County Recycling Center, has been staffed and operated by Holiday House employees and program members since 1991 under a contract with the Manitowoc County Department of Public Works.  This facility is the center of operations for all recycling in Manitowoc County and also oversees two compost sites to serve residents, the Basswood Compost Site and the Woodland Compost Site. Both sites are open for drop-off of acceptable items during the listed hours. A variety of services are provided between the two sites including yard waste drop-off, sifted compost, unsifted compost, woodchips, loading and deliveries. The Recycling Center runs various programs during the year such as tire disposal, drug disposal, hazardous materials disposal, electronics disposal and mercury thermometer exchanges as well as providing educational information to those interested. 

   In January 1988, in conjunction with the Rehabilitation for Wisconsin Rest Area Maintenance Program for the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Holiday House began maintaining Rest Areas 51 and 52 between Manitowoc and Green Bay. Staff are responsible for the maintenance of the buildings as well as the grounds. A 24 hour weather monitoring system has been installed for travelers information, and all the landscaping is done by staff members. Visitor information is available along with brochures for points of interest to visit. Numerous commendations have been presented to Holiday House and its RAM staff for their diligence in caring for these facilities in the past twenty years.

   Since July 1, 2003 Holiday House has been taking care of the Wayside Maintenance Program for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The waysides are located on Memorial Drive between
Manitowoc and Two Rivers, and on Hwys 32 & 57 in Millhome. Responsibilities include the maintenance of the buildings and grounds at these facilities. The Memorial Drive location includes the main facility across from Aurora Hospital as well as the three overlooks along the lake.  All of these facilities are open from mid May through mid October.